Top 3 trick to suceed with B2B SEO
June 22, 2023
Looking to start with SEO for your B2B business but don't know where to start? Here are our top 3 tips for you to get started!

Focus on a solid content strategy

  • Choose your keywords carefully and make sure they have the right intention –
  • B2B addresses fewer people and has a longer sale cycle


   Make sure to match your content with the search intent.

    • What kind of information does your customer want based on what they searched for?

    • Do they want a lot of technical information about how the product works, or is it enough to show how it is used, and how much time/resources they save?

  •  Ask the rest of the organization for input.

    • What questions do customer service usually receive? What do your sales representatives usually talk about?  What questions need to be answered in the FAQ?

  • Eliminate internal terms that are only understood inside your organization (still quite common)

Focus on building value for your customer

Number 2


Educate your customer – don’t be afraid to go up the funnel 

While building a platform to show how your product helps someone else’s business, you are building authority and subject matter expertise (important parts of E-E-A-T). Win-win for everyone! 

    • What information are your customers looking for before knowing what they need? 
    • What are the needs your customers have that make them want your solution/product?
    •  Is there something you can help them understand or teach them that at a later stage will make them choose your solution/product?



number 3

Consider how your brand appears across all digital touchpoints  

Make sure your organic business profiles (Google Business Profile, Trustpilot, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.) are updated graphically and informationally.

  • It’s easy to forget you set them up at one point and that they exist, but a customer who wants to know more about you will find them easily. 


Respond to negative reviews, but don’t forget to respond to the positive reviews as well.

  • How you answer gives a picture of how your company treats its customers 



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